Happy to announce that Small Records is 10 years in 2020 <>

Next release will be # 50 From the label. Hutmacher - Ventura EP. Remixes from Mudman, PeterPan303, Granbar & Eric Small.

Release date 01.01.2020 on Beatport!


SR0051: Mudman - Libra EP. (Out January 2020)

SR0050: Hutmacher - Ventura EP. (Out January 2020)

SR0049: Hoffman & Kriket - Face On EP. (Out December 2019)

Moog Conspiracy Interview for small records 2019


How / where was the tracks produced?

Hello and thanks for the warm welcome. I produced those tracks in Berlin. I have been experimenting a lot with my setup i the past month and finaly manage to have all my synths pluged & usable at the same time. this new setup gave birth to 2 tracks of the EP. 

Is there a concept or idea behind this EP?

I think it s an experimental music EP, the 2 tracks are very special they oscillate between different universes of electronic music, they are not easy to box in one genre. It is what I usually try to achieve in the studio, something  creative that pushes boundaries and make the music evolve.

Do you have any “secret tricks” to your productions? 

I work with a mix of hardware and software. Most of the sounds sources are hardware, same for the controller & sequencers, and I combine it with software fxs used in a creative way. I start most of my tracks as loops in Ableton which are most of the time recordings of synths & drum machines. Then i develop them on a second session when I have the idea of the track and then play around with the sounds to build the track itself. I think it s a lot of different ways to approach the creation work in the studio, it works well for me like this. 

Favourite gear / software?

Ableton / cubase , beatstep pro, dx200, doepfer dark energy, Proco rat

What inspires you?

I have listened to a lot of rock, metal & psychedelic music in my youth, I am myself a drummer and I think  those influences are present in the music I create. I m inspired a lot by the environment I live in, the experiences I do in life when i am on tour and of course by the energy of the clubs and thot the people react to the music

Do you have any favourite producers?

Some of them are parts of my label , i won t drop names as it won t be fair to not to name everybody. Eduardo De La Calle is definitely one artist i like a lot at the moment , Slam, Flug, Truncate, Justin James.

Do you have any favourite labels?

Ninja Tunes, Soma records, Mute 

Any favourite clubs?

In Berlin Sisyphos is the club I like the most at the moment , I play there since it opens. It s like a family for me. The Hammahalle is one of the most amazing floor i played, even after playing so many gigs i think it s in my top 3 list. This summer I loved to play in Lantern club in Beijing, the vibe was very special.  I like a lot to play in new places, in the small underground clubs like moustache in Bangkok or in the large venues, what matters for me the most is the connection with the crowd, and i love the challenge.

Favourite city and why?

It s hard to say, I have a few favourites. Berlin is my favourite at the moment, because it s a place that makes things possible for me. People can express themself freely. It s a city which gather a lot of artists and I love this environment. It s a creative hub, the energy is very special. 

What projects are you currently working on?

I am working a lot on the new releases of my label elektrotribe, also on new tours, coming next will be South America and Asia beginning of 2020. In the studio I am working on new music that is not 4/4 techno. It s all still in development , but it s a very exciting phase for me right now. 

Any upcoming releases? 

Yes of course midnight switch EP on small records! I have 2 other EPs coming up. One will be on elektrotribe in November with new tracks which are for me the "natural followers" of Damnation & low rider. I have 2 tracks coming up that I did with one producer of my label, Nick Zafiriades, in Greece this summer. For those tracks we used only modules & the moog dfam for the drums & one 303 replica.  I m very excited to see the reaction of the fans to those new tracks.

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

I love both. I i have to choose i would say cats at this moment.

Favourite food?

Moules a la crème, Tarte a la rhubarb

Beer or wine Wine? 


SR0048: Moog Conspiracy - Midnight Switch EP. (Out October 2019)

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