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We’re currently looking for new artists and accepting demos. Please take some time and have a listen through our back catalogue before deciding if we’re the label for you. The label is focused on various genres of house & techno and these are the styles we’ll consider.

We prefer the demos as private Soundcloud links if possible. Keeping your music private before release will ensure the biggest impact for you and the label upon release. If you don’t use Soundcloud, we do accept other platform links as long as it’s easy for us to click and listen. Please don’t send download links. Again, it’s ensuring the music hasn’t been sent and downloaded elsewhere.

We get to sit down once a week to listen to demos. We appreciate the time taken to send your tracks and so all demos received will be heard. We get a lot of demos and will reply to as many people as possible but please don’t be offended if you don’t receive a reply, it means your demo wasn’t for us.

Styles we accept: (Techno, Deep House, Minimal, Deep Tech, House, Tech House & Melodic) Don’t send other styles because we will not reply. If you are a big fan of Steve Aoki & David Guetta, chances are this label is not for you.

OSLO TAKEOVER @ Golden Gate (Berlin) 24 hour party.

Friday 18th of October we're heading back to Berlin to play at our favourite Club, Golden Gate. This time, Carina Helen, Shiftshape & Eric Small will represent Small Records. See you all in Berlin soon. 

Full Lineup:

André Bravo ~ Safira ~ Carina Helen ~ Eric Small ~ Frankov ~ Arne Zabel ~ Neco ~ Shiftshape ~ Senhor Q


Available on all platforms from October 2020.

SR0056 / Oblique Industries - Denim Fades EP

• Denim Fades (Original Mix)

• Denim Fades (Timmy Kos Remix)

• Denim Fades (Johnny Da Cruz Remix)

• Denim Fades (Treta Vadio Remix)

We are celebrating 10 years of Small Records with a double V/A album release. From Organic House 2 Techno.

Small Records 10 year compilation SR0054 Volume 1

1. G-Paganelli - Satellite Circuit

2. Brainbird - Horizon

3. Robert Solheim - Innevaer

4. PeterPan303 - Make Me Feel

5. Mikael Johnson - Elixir

6. Mudman - Solstice Rituals

7. Inkfish - Starting

8. Tagtraumer -Flimmerstunde

9. Rinia-Rinia - Terrassenhaus

10. Vicky Montefusco - Oxygen

11. Kevin Nordstad - Brain

12. Hutmacher - Vollgas

13. Oblique Industries - My Sound

14. Hutmacher - Glimt

Small Records 10 year compilation SR0055 Volume 2

1. Robert Solheim - KRL

2. EL-TAGE - Around The World

3. Aeoeaa - 33

4. Tagtraumer - Surface Of Neptune

5. PeterPan303 - GameChanger (VinterferieMix)

6. Piipshow - Vultures

7. Inkfish - The Abused

8. Hutmacher - Shuffle Hustle

9. Andre Bravo - Sukkerbiten

10. ACkepeiling - Static-Groove

11. Bryan Avizzano - SENTENCED

12. Kevin Nordstad - Nowhere

13. Mudman - Sudden Impact

14. Daniel Wien - Estar Caliente

Available on all platforms from June 2020.

SR0053 / Bryan Avizzano - The Drop EP

• Drop (Original)

• Drust (Original)

• Not (Original)

Available on all platforms from June 2020.

SR0053 / Bryan Avizzano - The Drop EP

• Drop (Original)

• Drust (Original)

• Not (Original)

Available on all platforms from April 2020.

SR0052 / Frankov & Breadman - Quatico EP 

• Quatico (Original)

• Filete (Original)

Available on all platforms from February 2020. SR0051 / MUDMAN - LIbra EP

Remixes from PeterPan303, Kevin Nordstad & Rodrigo Ferrari

• The Seas (Original)

• The Seas (Kevin Nordstad Remix)

• The Seas (Rodrigo Ferrari Remix)

• Libra (Original)

• Libra (PeterPan303 Remix)

• Final Farewell (Original) 

Available on all platforms from December 2019. SR0050 / HUTMACHERVentura EP.

• Ventura (Original)

• Ventura (Mudman Remix)

• Ventura (PeterPan303 Remix)

• Ventura (Eric Small & Granbar Remix)

Available on all platforms from December 2019. SR0049 / HOFFMAN & KRIKET - Midnight switch EP. 

• Face On (Original)

• Strange This Feeling (Original)


Available on all platforms from 31st of October 2019. SR0048 / MOOG CONSPIRACY - Midnight switch EP. 

• Floating Meadows (Original)

• Midnight Switch (Original)

Available on all platforms from 7th of October 2019.

SR0046 / KEVIN NORDSTAD - Sleepless EP.

• Magic (Original)

• Play something we can dance to (Original)

• Sleepless (Original)

• Zero (Original)

Available on all platforms from 21st of October 2019.


• Everybody (Original)

• Mean (Original) 

• Mental (Original) 

• You (Original) 


Small records have joined forces with Label Worx for both distribution and promo.


From the first Small Records showcase in Berlin (2013) @ MIKZ




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